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containers for every season

In the 15 years we’ve been in business we’ve seen the outdoor container phenomenon literally grow into its own industry. Demand for beautiful containers has never been greater and it has created a whole new category in the garden maintenance field.


At TCG we pride ourselves in being creative in our planter designs and innovative in the choice of plant materials we use.  Let us beautify the outside of your home with a container for every season.

Monthly container examples

After the long grey winter everyone is craving a hit of some color come April. Celebrate Easter and Passover (the spring holidays) with a container filled with an assortment of spring bulbs such as tulips, Daffodils and hyacinth or stunning Hydrangea.
Change over to a lush summer container overflowing with a variety of colorful summer annuals and exotic tropical plants.
With a chill in the air and Halloween on the way change over to a festive seasonal fall arrangement of kale and the vibrant hues of red, yellow and purple mums.
An empty urn reminds us the long winter is on its way so let us fill your containers with rich green Cedar and fir boughs, magnolia, birch and pine cones to complete the holiday picture.
Fifteen years ago, we had the good fortune to meet Barbara Rosensweig. Her vision and attention to detail transformed our garden from something ordinary to something truly beautiful and extraordinary. The Cultivated Garden team, led by Barbara, are very talented and creative. Our urns look gorgeous throughout each season and they are admired by passersby and neighbors! The Cultivated Garden team are dedicated professionals!
Brad and Kathy Badeau