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When a garden is created it doesn’t remain static. It changes and transforms with every new year that goes by. Its life cycle may be endless but it doesn’t happen without some intervention. After many years, plants can lose their vitality and might need refreshing or tastes may change and an update may be in order. Trees grow and cast shade where there never was shade before. House renovations mean tearing out a garden bed and relocating it to a new spot. You just purchased a new home and the garden has been badly neglected and needs a major renovation.


Whatever the reason, at TCG we offer every type of planting service from adding those new perennials you saw at the local garden show to complete garden redesigns. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend and install new plants if you want to make a change and just aren’t sure what will work. Please have a look at our before and after photos to see what we can do for you.

After spending 20 years looking at beautiful large evergreens in my front garden I was quite distressed to hear they were dying and would have to be removed. Barb managed to plant a new garden that gave my home a totally new look. She exceeded my expectations and I'm thrilled with the results.
Pat Kay
Barbara and her team at The Cultivated Garden have rejuvenated my tired gardens to the point that they were featured on the TBG garden tour this year. Their work has always exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, they are great about working with me and steering me and my wild ideas in the right direction. When Barb says something will be done, it gets done. She has great vision and proportionality, and an excellent understanding of what works and what doesn’t. In my small garden, this has been very important. Her team includes very knowledgeable plant people . I only hope that she will put up with me for years to come.
Judith Nicoll