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Pruning plants is an important part of what we do. Pruning is not only necessary to maintain good plant health but is also done for aesthetic reasons; it’s like the frame on a painting or the icing on a cake. It’s what brings the garden together and it requires a skilled technician to execute successfully.


From mid-June to mid-July, when the new growth of the season has flushed out and begins to slow down, we prune at least a hundred miles of hedging, so we’ve become really good at it! The plants are carefully sculpted using a combination of gas-powered and hand tools. We also prune all types of small trees, shrubs and evergreens from cloud-pruned Japanese garden trees to topiary.

We have been very happy clients of Barb and her team for 15 years. Their horticultural knowledge, attention to detail and the quality of their pruning is remarkable.
Laurie Ripley Beckerman