Garden Maintenance

The real core of our business has always been about garden maintenance. Seeing a garden come to life each spring and watching the changes that occur with each new season is one of the reasons we do what we do. Hearing from clients about how beautiful their gardens look and how much pleasure it gives them is immensely satisfying.

Every garden, no matter how small, needs some level of maintenance. Let us tailor a gardening schedule to your specific needs from weekly or bi-weekly service to a monthly visit.

For the hands-on homeowner who likes to get their hands dirty we can come in for an occasional visit to give it that little extra professional tweak that will take it to the next level.



Spring clean ups

  • Remove all burlap and un-mound any winter protected plants
  • Rake and thorough garden bed cleanups
  • Cut back plant material from previous season
  • Mulch, compost or soil top ups
  • Prune
  • Spring bulb containers planted

May - October

Garden maintenance weekly, bi-weekly

  • Seasonal annuals and summer containers planted
  • Cultivate and turn soil
  • Weed and edge garden beds
  • Dead-head, cut back and stake perennials and shrubs as needed
  • Fertilize
  • Prune
  • Seasonal fall containers planted
  • Bulb planting

November - December

Final fall cleanups

  • Rake leaves and debris
  • Cut back plant material and final cleanup of beds
  • Seasonal winter containers planted
  • Compost, Mulch or soil top ups
  • Hill roses and other tender plants
  • Plant protection with Anti-desiccant sprays for evergreens and broadleaf
  • Plants such as Boxwood and Rhododendron
  • Burlap tender plants and hedges


When a garden is created it doesn’t remain static. It changes and transforms with every new year that goes by. Its life cycle may be endless but it doesn’t happen without some intervention. After many years, plants can lose their vitality and might need refreshing or tastes may change and an update may be in order. Trees grow and cast shade where there never was shade before. House renovations mean tearing out a garden bed and relocating it to a new spot. You just purchased a new home and the garden has been badly neglected and needs a major renovation.

Whatever the reason, at TCG we offer every type of planting service from adding those new perennials you saw at the local garden show to complete garden redesigns. Our knowledgeable staff can recommend and install new plants if you want to make a change and just aren’t sure what will work. Please have a look at our before and after photos to see what we can do for you.


In the 15 years we’ve been in business, we’ve seen the outdoor container phenomenon literally grow into its own industry. Demand for beautiful containers has never been greater, and it has created a whole new category in the garden maintenance field.

At TCG, we pride ourselves on being creative in our planter designs and innovative in the choice of plant materials we use. Let us beautify the outside of your home with a container for every season.



After the long grey winter, everyone is craving a hit of some color come April. Celebrate Easter and Passover (the spring holidays) with a container filled with an assortment of spring bulbs such as tulips, Daffodils and hyacinth or stunning Hydrangea.


Change over to a lush summer container overflowing with a variety of colorful summer annuals and exotic tropical plants.


With a chill in the air and Halloween on the way change over to a festive seasonal fall arrangement of kale and the vibrant hues of red, yellow, and purple mums.


An empty urn reminds us the long winter is on its way, so let us fill your containers with rich green Cedar and fir boughs, magnolia, birch, and pine cones to complete the holiday picture.


Pruning plants is an important part of what we do. Pruning is not only necessary to maintain good plant health but is also done for aesthetic reasons; it’s like the frame on a painting or the icing on a cake. It’s what brings the garden together and it requires a skilled technician to execute successfully.

From mid-June to mid-July, when the new growth of the season has flushed out and begins to slow down, we prune at least a hundred miles of hedging, so we’ve become really good at it! The plants are carefully sculpted using a combination of gas-powered and hand tools. We also prune all types of small trees, shrubs and evergreens from cloud-pruned Japanese garden trees to topiary.


Jone and Ron Schoeffel

Barbara and her wonderful gardening staff have such imagination and competence that every detail is superbly supervised. From planting flowers and plants to creating beautiful containers to taking superb care of pruning, the maintenance and innovation she provides has won her not only our loyalty in employing her and her staff each year, but also so many new clients who see our garden and then seek her expertise for their own.

Olive and Alfred Pester

We want to congratulate you on the prestigious award your company has won – but then I always knew that you personally and your staff were the best. Our garden has never looked so wonderful due to your loving care and exceptional attention to detail.

Barbara and Stephen Goodman

Our garden is so beautiful this summer. Thank you to you and your crew for all the wonderful ideas and execution of your designs. Every day we admire and enjoy our hidden retreat; a constant source of pleasure.

Carla Salzman and Rick Wolfe

Barb Rosensweig and her team at The Cultivated Garden are quite simply the best: professional, knowledgeable, meticulous and reliable. The service and attention to detail are faultless. Barb has been looking after our large (labour-intensive) garden for many years and under her careful stewardship it always looks amazing and party-perfect! We cannot recommend her services highly enough.

Pat Kay

After spending 20 years looking at beautiful large evergreens in my front garden I was quite distressed to hear they were dying and would have to be removed. Barb managed to plant a new garden that gave my home a totally new look. She exceeded my expectations and I'm thrilled with the results.

Judith Nicoll

Barbara and her team at The Cultivated Garden have rejuvenated my tired gardens to the point that they were featured on the TBG garden tour this year. Their work has always exceeded my expectations. Most importantly, they are great about working with me and steering me and my wild ideas in the right direction. When Barb says something will be done, it gets done. She has great vision and proportionality, and an excellent understanding of what works and what doesn’t. In my small garden, this has been very important. Her team includes very knowledgeable plant people . I only hope that she will put up with me for years to come.

Brad and Kathy Badeau

Fifteen years ago, we had the good fortune to meet Barbara Rosensweig. Her vision and attention to detail transformed our garden from something ordinary to something truly beautiful and extraordinary. The Cultivated Garden team, led by Barbara, are very talented and creative. Our urns look gorgeous throughout each season and they are admired by passersby and neighbors! The Cultivated Garden team are dedicated professionals!

Laurie Ripley Beckerman

We have been very happy clients of Barb and her team for 15 years. Their horticultural knowledge, attention to detail and the quality of their pruning is remarkable.